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Hiding/Changing Scroll Bar

I’m working on a design where I have a static background with a nice image on the right side and then i’d like to have scrolling content in the left.

The issue is that the scroll bar makes it look not so great because it ends up in the middle of the page.

Is there anyway to hide the scroll bar or at least have it at the edge of the screen? Maybe setting it to block out and pushing in the margins??

Here my sharelink as well.

Share Link

Any suggestions or ideas for another way to display the info is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi @MarkyMark, thanks for your post. I was looking at this, but I was not able to detect the scroll bar on preview or on the published site. May I ask what browser and operating system you are using? Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave,

Sorry, i should’ve updated my post. It was bugging me so much that I changed some stuff around.

I had the content in a container at first, and thats where the scroll bar was placed because I wanted it aligned to the left side and it was scrolling in the container right edge.

I took the content out of the container and put it in the section in div boxes, then pushed in the margins, but that’s probably not a great idea right?

What would you suggest?

Thanks for the reply and support.