Hiding a navbar on iframe?

I need to hide the navbar that I called by the iframe. something is wrong and I need help

First link:
Second link:

Hey Ben, not sure where the IFRAME is you’re wanting us to look at.
Also, an IFRAME would only render in your published site, so you’ll need to publish and share that link as well.

Hey Michael. Thanks for helping me. I added the second link.
Here I tried to frame what I’ve done.

Got it, so here’s a walkthrough to show you how to find the error, and also a small script improvement you might add.

But the primary issue is that you need to move your code to the /body section.

This will explain why;

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You are so amazing, Michael! You’ve just made my day. :heart_eyes: I love your video explanation and solution and I love your clear explanation and I love your pro tips. YOU solved my problem and THANK YOU SO MUCH. :pray: :pray: :pray: