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Hide subscribe form on signup for next visit

Hi there Webflowers,

I am looking to hide a native webflow form after it’s submitted. Not only for the session as already included in the native service but for recurring visits aswell. I understand that this is easy for someone with the right knowledge.

So place a cookie when submitted and then hide the element for future visits.


Did you ever manage to do this? The more I use WebFlow the more I feel like I need to inject custom HTML and JS into the page.

That really isn’t the point of tools like this

Seeing this now because of @PatLong 's bump.

You could use the JS Cookie library to do this: GitHub - js-cookie/js-cookie: A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling browser cookies

Webflow is a powerful no-code tool that only becomes more powerful with just a little bit of code knowledge (how to import a library and follow its documentation). I’ll go ahead and credit Webflow with vastly improving my understanding of HTML/CSS just by their UI alone and pushing me to learn JS just to eek out a little bit more functionality.