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Hide/Show interactions

I’m trying to apply the Hide/Show interactions to multiple projects on a single page. I followed the tutorial, and technically they are working. My problem is that when I copy and paste the project with the interaction, it triggers on all of the projects when clicking and not just one (which is what I want).

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to resolve this issue, someone please be my knight in shining armor.

Here is my public share link & read-only link:

Can you be more specific about the interaction you’re trying to make occur? ie - what trigger are you trying to use?

@bk.sowell Yeah of course, sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m trying to use the Mouse click trigger to expand and collapse the info of each project. This is in the “info+” button.

You are targeting “all elements with this class” so yeah - they are all affected. You either need to add distinct classes to each of your info section and create multiple interactions targeting only them or rearrange your layout in such a way that using “only siblings” or any other specific class targets could be viable.

Thanks @dram that makes perfect sense, I realized this after posting. Although I’m trying to rearrange my layout but no matter what I do the “only siblings” function just breaks the interaction.

Worth noting that I also tried placing the project info inside the same column as the interaction and it still isn’t working :frowning:

Only siblings works only if interaction trigger and whatever you are affecting with is are in the same parent.