Hide/Show Interaction Not Working

This page is an event landing page. So I have a speakers section (Special Guest Speakers) and their bios as pop-up modals. For some reason the very first speaker modal will open but does not close. I copied and pasted the same modals to the other speakers and they work but I cannot figure out why the close on the first speaker is not working. I have looked over this multiple times and even deleted the speaker and duplicated a working speaker and that first spot does not allow me to close the modal.

The interactions I have setup are clicking the speaker to open up the modal and to close it is by clicking the X in the modal. Like I said it works on 3 out of the 4 and not sure what is preventing the 1st one from closing.

Here is my site Read-Only: Link to preview

Hi Remi I could not re-create your problem, the first speaker modal closes for me when in preview mode:

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I had to delete the other modals because I had to publish the page. I can’t even explain how I got the first one to end up working because all I did was duplicate the 2nd one and switched out the image to recreate the 1st one but now 2-4 isn’t working. And I didn’t change anything as far as classes and structure. It really isn’t making sense to me because the same exact actions I did yesterday I did today and it is the complete opposite. I recorded a video to show you. Yesterday I couldn’t get the first one to work but now the first one works and the other 3 don’t. You can look in the preview again at my settings I duplicated those modals again and Ill leave them up.

Also want to note that I built and completed the modal for the first person only so that way when I had it working like I wanted I can just duplicate and swap out text & images. Well at that point is where I couldn’t get it to work so I duplicated it to the next person just to see and it worked for the 2nd person. So thats where it is confusing for me. I couldn’t get it working for the original but duplicated it and it worked but still didn’t work for the first person. Well now its the opposite.

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