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Hide/show in scroll action does not work?

Hi) Is that a bug or I do something wrong… But, why when scrolling, option «display» not change?
Look at the video:

Has anyone had a similar problem?

P.S. Sorry for my English)

Look scroll action interraction on Body:

Site link:


Hi @bro-design it looks like the show/hide styles are not firing on the While scrolling in view triggers! Thank you very much for sharing this! We’re looking into this on our end and I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update :bowing_man:

For now the workaround would be to set the element to opacity to fade from 100% ➞ 0% as you have it set already.

in the future I would like to do so that at 100% scroll the element is set to hidden.
Because now this is when controlling the opacity element is obtained as an invisible link.

Thank you for reply)

Good to know! I had this same problem and thought it wasn’t possible. I had tried the opacity trick but this didn’t work for me as my element filled the browser, so once the opacity was at zero, the user was able to see the page but all links, etc. could not be clicked on since an invisible div covered everything. My solution was to use a combination of opacity, absolute positioning, and transform to move this overlaying div completely below the viewport. (good solution in case someone has a similar setup)


Great workaround suggestion @Port_of_Folio, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I am also experiencing the same bug. When do we expect to get the this fixed? :slight_smile:

@bro-design @Port_of_Folio @ohkwon thank you so much for your patience and understanding here!

It actually turns out that there is no way to interpolate between hide/show, so this was mistakenly added to continuous action lists but has now been removed. My recommendation would be to use the workaround suggested by @Port_of_Folio with absolute positioning and opacity animations as you can adjust between those two easily.

Another route which you could go is using a regular scroll to interaction rather than a continuous scroll interaction. I hope that this is helpful :bowing_man:

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