Hide/Show animation not available on "While scrolling into View"? Interaction

I tried to do a animation on scroll by Hide/Show Images on scroll, but the “While scrolling into view” interaction lacks the Hide/Show animation, so i tried to set it up with turning opacity up an down. That works - but badly, the animation itself is visible but duo to fact that opacity change won´t happen instantly the animation is wobbling on its opacity, is there a way the developers can implement the hide/show feature in that scroll interaction?

Here is a link to the test site: https://wbflow.webflow.io/

(Btw i hope my English isn’t too bad and u can understand the important parts and don’t get confused by the empty space and the short animation i didn’t want to waste too much time on smth that doesn’t work properly)

Edit: if there is a custom code way to do that pls inform about that.