Hide Shop page from breadcrumbs in Woocommerce


I would like to hide or remove the archive link from breadcrumbs. I’m using the Udesly attribute for List element: ‘wc=breadcrumbs’ that’s okay, it’s working.
I have a Wordpress page with Woocommerce and it’s automatically generate a Shop page where are the all products. I would like to use breadcrumbs the follwing way:
Home / Parent category / Current product

But now it’s:
Home (it’s a fix link outside the breadcrumbs List) / Shop (which generated automatically, I would like to remove this!) / Parent category / Current product

I understand that Shop is a Parent category for my product categories, but for me it’s not necessary. Is it possible to remove or hide that?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - 50s-design

If you are using the Udesly adapter then you may need to manipulate the code on the template page (exported). You should be able to contact them for assistance customizing your project.