Hide or display collection item property based on date?

I’m working on a website that has a collection of webinars. We create and embed custom webinar registration forms in HubSpot prior to the webinar livestream, and remove the form after the livestream. We then upload the recorded livestreams onto our YouTube channels and paste the YouTube URL into the collection item field so that it displays in the webinar collection item’s individual page.

What we’re now looking to do is to put this video behind a simple lead generation Webflow form, and put the YouTube video into the form’s success message, so that users can only view the videos of past webinars if they fill out the form. We do this easily on other collections, but permanently. On webinars, we would only want this form and success message showing AFTER the date of the webinar.

Is there a way to hide or display elements or fields in collection items based on a date in the item? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

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It sounds like you just want element filtering based on todays date.
I.e. if Webinar date < today, show it.