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Hide nav bar on 2nd static page

I have a nav bar on my homepage that works beautifully.

But I have a second static page & I don’t want to include the same nav bar.

Deleting the main nav bar from this 2nd page also deletes the one on the first page.

How to go about?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey ipunt!

Welcome back to the forum! When you delete a nav-bar from one static page, it should not be deleting from the other page. Can you share your read-only link so I can have a look?

the 2nd page is pricelist

Thanks for your help.


previous message included read link.

Any suggestions how to fix this?


Hey Ivo!

I apologize. Have been quite busy the last couple days with course work and haven’t had a chance to hop on the forum.

I took a look at your share link and it appears I am not able to re-create the issue? I go to the Pricelist page and delete the Navbar symbol, and it is still present on the Home page. However, I think this may be occuring because the Preview link does not save the changes I make. So I am thinking the preview may be simply resetting on me.

Would you care to take a screen recording of what exactly happens when you delete the nav-bar from your second page? I will look into this further from there! I personally recommend CloudApp for quick screen recordings!