Hide Image Source Link


I’m building my photography portfolio and I’m trying to protect my images, I’ve already added some code to disable right-click and so, but when viewing the page source the link to the source of the image is very obvious, and you have access to the original file easily :slightly_frowning_face:.

Is there a way to hide that source?

For example:

from <*img src=“https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/photo.jpg”>

to <*img src="???">


I’ll tell you a secret, but the one who wants to download your photos - that download it)
You try to use IPTC metadata on your photos. This is the case that can prove your authorship.

Well, of course it’s better not to upload original photo files in super quality like that 12325472386x29784234 px)

Yeah, I know that if they want to download will find a way, but the more difficult it is, the less people will :grimacing:. I already embedded the metadata in it, and the photo uploaded is not the original size and quality.

Thanks for your suggestions @bro-design