Hide fixed button until after page has scrolled down

Newbie from Muse: I have a site which has a full page hero and then scrolls down.

Note the little blue arrow at the bottom of the hero image. Click on it and you scroll to the next section.
Also notice the little button labeled top at the top right. If you scroll down and click on the top button, it will take you to the top.

How to I hide the “top” button when I’m in the top section? TIA. :slight_smile:

I seem to have stumbled on the fix myself. I used some timed scroll animations and set the opacity to 0% on pageLoad, then on scrollDown I set it to 100% and then on scrollUp I set it back to 0%. Not perfect but it works.

This video helped:

You could also set the z position of the fixed item to a lower value than the hero section. So the hero will be above the button and once you scroll past the hero section the button will come out from under.

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