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Hide empty List-item on CMS-col-template (Solved)


I am desinging my CMS-collection blog template page, and I just ran into a small problem.

Below the main text of the blog, I added a TL;DR list.

The lists consists of a maximum of 10 List-items.

For one of my blogs, the TL;DR list will contain 8 items.

The text within each list-item is linked to a “plain-text” CMS item.

The problem i am running into is that the remaining 2 list-items remain visible, and so do the numbers.

Is there any way to structure this better, or can jQuery help out?

Any thouhts are appreciated!

Kind regards,


I found an easy solution:

Use a list within a rich text element.


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Happy to hear! Closing the topic :webflow_heart: