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Hide Elements without affecting display property

Hey Webflow Team and Community!

I’m using Webflow to build the UI part of my applications.
I am working with a framework (Blazor) which allows me to remove/add elements programmatically from the DOM. Something similar like Angular does.

This workflow works wonders for me and I love using Webflow to quickly build my layouts.

While developing the UI with Webflow it would be very helpful to be able to hide elements, which should not be displayed in the designer without affecting the CSS display property.
This is essential because the layout would always look weird while all elements are shown at the same time.

This way I could always export the code without having to check each hidden element and revert it’s state back to where it was before I’ve hidden it.

I’m very interested if there are other people which face the same difficulties and if there are any plans/discussions according to this.


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