Hide duplicate cms items

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew a way of hiding duplicate (in terms of a name field) items displayed in a collection list. At the moment I have created a form which allows users to submit locations, but now multiple duplicates of the locations can be submitted.

Any ideas?

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Hello. I have the same issue. I’m interested if you ever managed to find a solution?

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I have the same issue, how can we filter duplicate items in the dynamic list? I am using @Finsweet custom code.

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Hey All

You can use this snippet if the duplicates are based on text. Replace “.filter-component” with your own class that you wish to loop through.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function dumpDups() {
  const rr = new Set();
  for (const div of document.querySelectorAll(".filter-component")) {
    if (rr.has(div.textContent.trim())) {


Hope this helps ya’ll!

~ Rhino

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Hey @RhinoReign. Thanks so much for this script. It works really well on text elements. Is there any way it can be altered to find duplicates in a list of checkboxes?