Hide Content on Mobile

Hey :wink:
I’m currently migrating over from duda and wondering whats the best way to achieve different text on different devices. I looked around a bit but im unsure of the professional way to achieve this.
I want to do smoething similar to this:

desktop https://i.imgur.com/2flLyhE.png
mobile https://i.imgur.com/ULAwd6l.png
as you can see the content changes
I’d appreciate any help


It’s a really simple adjustment to hide elements; you need to look at the Display configuration and simply set it to None to hide the element, and whatever else to have it shown.



Top = visible (as flex)
Bottom = Hidden

For different text, you would have two elements and show one for certain breakpoints and hide it for others, swapping it with the other one.

To select and work on hidden elements you’d use the Navigator pane only, and you can see the hidden elements indicated with an eye icon to the right;


Have a play around with these buttons on some elements and breakpoints and it’ll come clear pretty quickly.