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Hide all interactions when a single click

Hi Webflow

I have set up a static page filled with different interactions. The page is split into a map (right side) and photos (left side).

When a user clicks on a photo on the opposing side the map appears. The issue is how do I close the previous map when a user clicks on a new map.

All I can think is on every singe photo have all the other maps close. Not only would this take days to add I am hoping there must be another way.

Maybe a line of code?

Hello Grant,

I think you can accomplish this without code.

Assuming all the maps are the same class, you could make the first part of your interaction “close (or hide” all of that class as an initial interaction.

If you do that, it should work almost like a reset every time you click on a new map, before starting the show interaction.

Hope that helps!


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OMG Jeff,
Thank you so much for your help!
I have been trying everything and i even got to the point tonight in making a ISOtope search system.
You have saved me so much time and a headache.

Honestly thanks for the reply and your time helping me out.

No worries, I’m glad it helped!