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Hidden Text on Click issue

Good Morning! I am hoping somebody can help me figure out why my hidden text (show on click) is not working correctly.

On my homepage, if you scroll down to where the chefs images are, I am trying to show/hide their expanded bios. It works great in preview mode in the designer, but as soon as I publish it, it only works on one of the chef’s bio (Chef Chris).

Any ideas?? Thank you so much for your help!!

Here is my published link (click to show more not working):

And here is my shared link (works fine):

Seems like a bug. Not sure it is because over duplication or what. You should be able to re-use the same interaction chef open, and chef close for all of your chefs making use of limit to the nested siblings. I would send an email to webflow support. It should work as you have it. I can’t for the life of me see what is different between the named interactions. I’m guessing you just duplicated them and changed the affecting element. But email support maybe they can help. Looks like a bug to me. Or move this to the bugs help. Not design help.


Thanks Jeremy for your reply! I really appreciate you spending the time to look into my mess :slight_smile: I am working on cleaning up the duplicate actions (so far not working either). Thanks again, I will let you know what I find out!!!

Hi @Terra

Thanks for posting about this. @jbleroux is right–you can create one interaction and select limit to sibling elements. Please note that if you take this route all class names will need to match.

That said I think the issue here is that have the interaction on a text span within a text block rather than on a separate element.

To resolve this, can you please add a new text link and apply the interaction there instead of on a text span? You will need to adjust your interactions slightly as these are new elements but this should resolve your issue.

GIF showing this (apologies if it seems fast-due to low fps):

Thanks for your help!! The text span fixed the issue!!


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