Hidden Subheading ONLY in Mobile

Happy Sunday everyone!
I am wondering if there is a way to hide subheading in just mobile but keep visible in other landscapes?

Here is my READ_Me Want to hide subheading in Hero Section



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Hi @jonenge !

All styles are applied from the Desktop Breakpoint to all other Breakpoint like that:

If you want to hide just in Mobile some stuff just click the Subheading for example in the mobile Breakpoint and hide it, it will still be visible in the other breakpoints!

But for example when you hide it in the Tablet breakpoint it will be hidden to all the smaller breakpoints and the tablet breakpoint, but not the bigger breakpoints that are above the tablet breakpoint like Desktop breakpoint! I think this little drawing explains the logic the best:

Hi @Leon_Servais!

Thanks for the feedback. I tried that but still just making it hidden to all breakpoints. Hmm…

Hi @jonenge

So you mean when you hide it on mobile it hides on all breakpoints?

Hey @Leon_Servais
Yeah, I understand what you mean. Just select hidden for tablet and it should cascade down and not effect desktop, but it effects all views no matter what view I hide it in.

@jonenge Hi,

I think your subheading class has some sort of bug, just delete it and add a new heading class and that should work

Right on! Yeah i just made a new subheading. Thanks for your help Leon!

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