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Hidden image in CMS for Pinterest / Sharing blog items

Hi there,

I want to add an image in the CMS of my blogposts to use it for pinning at Pinterest. The image must be hidden in the blog, but show up to pin on Pinterest.

I just ran into this video: click here
At 3:35 mins the woman explains what I mean.

I’ve tried several things in the CMS: adding the link to the photo in a link-box, in an image-box and also in a plain text-box… but none of the options will show the hidden image when you’ll pin a blogpost.

This is the blog where I set the hidden image: click here
When I click the share on Pinterest button, I get this:

So also: you see some images that are NOT linked to this blog but DO show up. That’s not the intention, ofcourse.

Can anybody help me out?
I used AddThis for sharingicons. Maybe there’s a better alternative?

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]

Hey, did you ever get an answer on how to do this?