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Hidden hero section reappearing on links home from other pages

yo webflow peeps!

im having and issue with my hero section reappearing upon linking from cms or other pages back to home page. my hero section has a scroll down/hide interaction that works fine, but when i link back from my “home” button link im linked back to the top of the page with my hero visible again.

i should say that at first i attempted to just link back to the “GALLERY” section but was failing badly at that… seems pretty straight forward …but so does eatn a sandwich until you realize every crumb u drop counts lol.

but obvi missing smthng…

through searching the forum and reading alll about the topic i thought maybe better to just hide the HERO and link Home. also failing with that… been messing with it for a few days to no avail.

id image i may need to accomplish both hiding my hero and linking back to my “GALLERY” section to achieve my goal. i really do try to grind through these issue myself to learn in the process, but at a point i guess i gotta ask for help…soo

any help/thoughts/ advice much appreciated

you guys were right… i needed to figure it out on my own.
next :sunglasses: