Hidden div breaking the page

At the risk of posting this twice… I can not locate my original post on this “bug” I found. I am filling a grid with a template div I am cloning and populating with external data. I am working out padding and margins in this template div so I set the display to block. The page display correctly but the template is visible at the top of the page.

When I set the template display to “hidden” it breaks the entire page and shows nothing. The page fails to load the API data and there are no errors or warnings.

Note the page has paused loading (see || in red box top right)

Clicking that to complete the loading of the page I get multiple “errors” in the call stack that appear to originate in a webflow js library - 30 or 40 of these in the red box lower right.)

I am not sure if my read only link is posting. I do it with and without quotes.

" Webflow - Copy of David's Cool Project "


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