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Hidden content was showing up on mobile


So i had gone into a container (that I have since removed) and had opened up the settings for that container (the gear icon) and had turned off visibility for that section for all devices, and that container was gone from the designer’s view in all views, and was gone from my desktop browser’s view when opening the site without being logged into webflow, but I didn’t check it on mobile, and low and behold, the information was actually still being displayed, information that lead to a number of emails.

I have since completely deleted that section, I had been hoping to keep it for use for next year, but at this point I was just happy to get it out of there.

Any idea what went wrong, i was using chrome to work on the platform.

Currently in mobile view there is a left facing arrow where the sponsors slide is, that also does NOT appear in the designer, but does appear on a real phone browser, any idea how i can make sure that this doesn’t happen again, and how I could figure out how to hide that left arrow button on both phone views?

thanks again

also, i think your default form info here has http and not httpS

Hi @SomeHack

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.

On the first instance it’s difficult to advise now the sections are deleted, however if you can provide the published link we can take a look at why the left arrow might be showing.

It certainly sounds strange, so we definitely want to investigate this for you.


Thanks Stu it’s appreciated

I wonder if there’s a restore point you could look at before it was deleted, as removing that section was one of the last things i did to the site, though i didn’t create a restore point, but I haven’t logged out either. is the site


It’s hard to say for sure what happened here. There are a few known issues with the visibility settings you mentioned. Basically these settings are the same as enabling or disabling display:none in the styles panel. So certain display settings may interfere with them here.

The team is looking into potential solutions for this though to prevent such errors in the future.

Sorry to hear you had to delete this section altogether — We should have fixes in place soon that will prevent this kind of error in the future :bowing_man:

Thanks Brando,

I appreciate you taking a look, any idea how to get the left arrow from also showing up in the two phone views (in the sponsor’s logo section along the bottom of most of the pages) on a real phone, but not in the webflow editor.

I have two “testimonial” blocks (i didn’t name them) that are actually sliders for sponsors, one is for the full size screen display, and the other (lower in the navigator) is for the smaller views that can only handle showing a few logos at a time. The left arrow is actually missing from that second testimonial slider, and since i can’t see it in my editor OR navigator, so I can’t get to it, to address it.

If you’re able to check that out it would also be extremely appreciated.

Thanks again

Hey again Brando, any ideas on the left arrow that won’t go away in phone view? Should i make a new post about that instead?


Sorry I missed that other message.

There are three main settings to look out for here:

  1. The icon itself set to display:none

  2. It also looks like you have the arrows set to be hidden at each end:

  3. The visibility settings for the arrow itself are also set to be hidden:

I’d go through and make sure each arrow and arrow icon are correctly set for the three settings mentioned above.

hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Brando just wanted to say thanks again for responding, it took a few days for me to get some time to work on this, for some reason i WAS able to access the arrow that I couldn’t seem to find before, and I got things fixed, thanks again, have a nice holiday


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