Hidden CMS Filter with Fixed Value

Hi there everyone!

I a newbie to webflow and i am trying to create a CMS filter with a fixed value of 1, this filter needs to be hidden and the user cannot change it. Can anyone help me with creating this/ advising if its possible?

I believe there is no way to set the default value of the form input to 1 using custom attributes?

Many thanks and have a great Easter weekend!

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In a collection list the filter settings you apply are not accessible or changeable by the user. They’re applied as the page is published.

Ok but how can i set the value of input to one? I tried to do this via embed HTML with custom atribute fs-cmsfilter-field=(the filter name) and the folowing code: <input type="hidden" id="myHiddenInput" name="myHiddenInput" value="1">

It doesn’t seem to be working sadly. do you know a way around this?

Many thanks.

Hi Hugo, your original message was about CMS filtering, but this last question is about forms, hidden inputs and default values. Those are two entirely unrelated things?

I’m not able to guess from that what you’re trying to accomplish.

For static filtering, read up on Webflow Collection List filters. For dynamic filtering, read up on Finsweet CMS Filter and Finsweet CMS Load.