Hidden 2023 page - help please! - thank you

Hi, I have been left in the lurch by the person who was doing my website and struggling to find my way around things to update for 2023. I’m okay with the Editor which I’ve used for a while but I think this is a Designer issue.

On my website I have a title for each year ‘Performances in 2022’ etc which comes under the Collection category ‘Performance Years’ and I can then list the performances under that: Liz Lane | Performances

In the Editor ‘Performances in 2023’ appears to exist but it doesn’t show up when published. I’ve added performances to this with no problem but they don’t show up either.

I’ve tentatively gone into Designer and I see there’s a hidden page (see left) and wondering if this is it? I can’t find a way to unhide it though, although I’ve been on a few tutorials. Can anyone help please? I’d be so grateful! Thank you so much.

This is the Designer read-only: Webflow - Liz Lane

Hi Liz, here you go-

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That’s amazing, thank you so much, I’ve had a look and quick experiment - and think I know where to go with this to get that 2023 page up and running! A little time and I think I’ll have learnt a new skill… :slight_smile: Very much appreciated!

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