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Hi, Why is my text unresponsive? Please help

The text is not responsive that i wanted it to be. Whenever I go to the phone view, it doesn’t respond to its width but rather it underlaps under the viewport if that makes sense. Please help.

Here is the preview:


Hi, I’m Omar Mandeeli and I’m good at Designing Websites and Sleeping at the Office.

Are you talking about this paragraph?

Thank you so much for replying. Yes, that is the text. I’m sorry if its just a basic problem. I’m still learning.

no problem, I wouldn’t built it like this, anyway I’ll show you how to fix. I’m also still learning and I’m here for the simplest problems :slight_smile:

btw - there is an empty div block inside the Hero left which I think you can delete.

Basically you should set difference sizes to each handset (tablet, mobile etc).


I would recommend to start with this course - I believe that help you

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