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Hi I want to export design on to weebly any tips on how to?

Any steps on how I can get this done ?

I am a non-coder

Hi @abhinavsoni9, I’m sorry there is no way to import HTML & CSS into Weebly.

Is there any reason why you don’t wan to to keep your design on Webflow and host it here?

Webflow is great … I love the way one can design a great page without knowing much … but goal here is to put up a ghetto website … this is what I have put up www.zaapon,com .

Can I redo the pages on webflow? (has to embed google forms on one of the page )

For future … can I also build a webstore

You can definitely redo the pages in Webflow. We have widgets like Google Maps that you can drop in.

As for creating a web store, you can checkout Paystand or Paymill and integrate those with your Webflow site. You can also embed Paypal buttons and other services.

Hi Sergie , this is what I have designed

If you click on the getstarted button it takes you to a page which has a google form embed in to it , any suggestions on how I can improve this

Webflow is pretty simple and yet very effective and I intend to stick with this if I move beyond the validation stage my question is can I re-use this design across other platforms or to put in another way can I have webflow my design engine while the backend can be any other platform or custom code

That’s a great start Abhinav. I’d have the Google form embed span the whole page vs having it inside that window. I think you can mess with the embed code and increase the height - depending on how it’s set up.

Currently Webflow is a standalone service, so you cannot connect it to other platforms because we haven’t integrated with other platforms. Though depending on your skill level you can export and incorporate the code to other platforms, if they offer that kind of functionality.

let me give you reasons.
1- no file upload in forms
2- no file hosting of documents
that’s just a start…