Hi! I think the CMS function has changed

Hi! I think the CMS function has changed, so I am leaving a question. As shown in the screenshot, Rich text is not linked to CMS. Fortunately, there is rich text that is already linked. If you disconnect the rich text linked to the CMS to change the font color to revamp the homepage, change the text style to a new one, and then try to reconnect to the CMS, the CMS connection menu does not appear.

However, other functions such as heading and H1 work normally.

Could you please tell me the answer to this problem?

In your second screenshot, there is a little purple dot in the corner of โ€œEdit Rich Textโ€. Click that to establish a binding.

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Thank you. It was a great help. I was lost for a while because I didnโ€™t know that.

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