Hi I have a button that disapear on tablet in the navigation bar

So I have this button on top but it diseapear when on tablet mode I can click on it and it works but it’s invisible I set the z index to 3. Also the menu doesn’t work in tablet mode. I’m tweaking the buissness model

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Hey @Tim_Z

Can you share your read-only link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

What is read only link?


I guess you mean the black call to action button?

I set the position to ‘static’ in the mobile view and it displays correctly.

yes this one

If you go to the tablet view, and set the position to ‘static’, this will work.

Thanks but why this way :cowboy_hat_face: :interrobang::question::question::question:

This is because static makes the button’s position determined by it’s parent element, which was correctly positioned.