Hi! How can I add in a table I've created on word/another writing software?

Hi there! First time posting and getting my head round alot of Webflow features. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows how I can add in a text/rankings table I’ve created on word into one of our categories on CMS please?

It’s a journalism article, which I’ve uploaded and staged for publish. But I’d like to include this table in the middle of the article. I know there’s a workaround where I can drop it in as an image but the quality always degrades. Any help is much appreciated! All the best and thanks.

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Hi Kev,

The most common and customizable way to do it is to find an online HTML table creator, paste your table in, and then take the resulting HTML and paste it into an embed inside of your rich text.

However if this is something you’ll be doing a lot, and you’re OK with limited styling, I might pre-release something for you.

I use Google Docs to manage my tables because it makes editing them trivial, and then I import the content dynamically using script, like this;