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Hi from Caboolture in Queensland Australia

Hi all.

New to the forum but been on webflow about a year or more after Adobe Muse fu#$@d me.

Love webflow.


Hey ! Welcome to the forum mate. I used to be in Queensland myself. Had the best years in my life there. Now back to GRPD-paranoid France.

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Hey @Colourberry

Welcome to the :webflow_heart: family!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :metal:

Move back :slight_smile: or New Zealand is great and more like Europe.

Thank you. I have a problem about CMS and vimeo which I’ll post.

Also threads shouldnt be closed after 2 months because none of the problems I’ve searched had solutions and if they hadnt been closed others may have posted solutions at a later date.

Hi from Adelaide. Like yourself I was a Muse user… invested many, many hours learning to use it because Adobe told us how great it was, then they decided to leave us hanging. I love Adobe’s products but their attitude towards their customers sucks big time!