Hi Everyone from Oregon!

I’m a designer and run a design firm & Print/Tee Shirt Shop on the Southern Oregon Coast… I’m taking over our Domain from the janky media services who currently host & manage our site… Webflow seems like the best solution overall. Any help with experience with payment gateways & options is appreciated… anyone have some tips on integrating every possible mainstream payment options as well as is appreciated!.

I’m wondering how payment gateways are handled as well, along with scheduling and calendar integrations (think a hotel website). I’ve seen other people accomplish it, but having trouble finding the resources for it.

From what I can tell, it seems fairly straight forward - and if I’m not mistaken, PayPal api can be simply added to existing shopping cart w/ api integegration…. anyone have any experience and thoughts on this?

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That is awesome to hear. I’m constantly impressed by Webflow’s capabilities. Every time I worry that a certain integration or feature might not be available, I’m always reassured through the community and its powerful support.

Welcome to the forum, Chris!
At the moment, the only payment options (native) are stripe, so credit cards, and google and apple pay. Paypal seems to be coming next. @Chris_Dc @Hunter_Reynolds

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