Hi everybody. Are you a technical freelancer for hire?

I am searching a freelancer for hire for the technical part of a Webflow multi language implementation combined with FoxyCart ecommerce .

Situation; Webflow doesn’t support multi language websites. We have built an ecommerce website combining Webflow and FoxyCart. On Webflow’s side we are using CMS collections for the products. Adding FoxyCart with its advanced ecommerce features (instead of using Webflow’s ecommerce).

Now we need help by getting this combination (Webflow and FoxyCart) multi lingual . For example english, german, french and spanish. Taking into account that the products connect to FoxyCart (‘landing’ on the correct language setting of the cart, checkout process, emails, etc.).

On FoxyCart side the need help for styling the cart, the checkout, etc. to fit nicely with the Webflow design of our website.

Can you help me or do you know someone who can?

Hi @dangquan09

I can help, Please check your PM.