Hi All - can you please help me with a couple of things - a newbie student to webflow

  1. I have a bunch of blocks I have on the homepage, and I want to make it such that when I hover one of the them a picture shows but along with that - others that relate to that specific tiles also reveal their images on hover.

So for example I have 1-10 blocks. block 1 is related to 5 and 7. So when I hover over 1 - I want 1,5 and 7 to reveal their images? Is that possible in webflow ?

  1. Same example from above on block 1, when I hover it shows the image but when I click it its becomes a pop modal slideshow and the background darkens. How would I do that.

  2. Also, last request when the pop up modal slideshow comes up, I want some background music to play - how would I do that?

I am student trying to take a stab at a school project due very soon. I would greatly appreciate your help!!!

This is all possible with webflow through interactions.

You should take a look at their demo videos.

Some are a little out-date… but it’s a start.

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Thanks for referring me to the demos.

I did look at them, but did not see how about how hovering on one block will also reveal others?

Also, about the background music I did not see how I can add that based on a click.

well… no instructions. just review the interaction sequence.
no audio in this though.

we cannot archive projects :frowning: (boooooooo)… so will delete the project in a week or so.

hope this helps.
gotta go. new project starting tomorrow am.

This is so helpful!!!

Thank you very much!

Good luck with your new project

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