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Hey there, newbie here

Hi there, I’m completely new to website building and would like to get some help on a couple of issues.

  1. So far, my project has been built from the ToyStore theme/template and now I am unable to change the name of my website from ToyStore to what I wanted. Here’s how it appears in my browser if you have no idea what I mean. I have changed my Project’s Name in Project Settings and tried publishing but to no avail. webflowissue

  2. I am unable to drag or reposition textboxs and images to make them more organized and have proper indentations, is this normal? I haven’t been able to find a tutorial/guide for teaching this.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work, webflow. I’m trying webflow due to recommendations from a friend and it makes the seemingly daunting task of web-building much easier than I expected.

Change in designer view, page settings, Meta SEO fields. See help center.

no idea what you mean by this. you can add margin/padding left to “indent” as you will. see help center for how to use the deisgner.