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Hex color not applying to elements

I have applied a color #00AAEE 19 PM which is being shortened for me to #0AE, so ok, but when I color inspect the resulting color, the color is actually #02AAEE.

20 PM
Here is my site Read-Only:
(To find the specific example open the pages menu and click on the “Media” page.

Try getting the preview link again, it’s not working.

Can you tell me if is it working now?

Hi @Grant_Davis

Thanks for posting about this.

What browser/version are you using?

It looks like the CSS has the correct hex color for the font on that page:

24 AM

In this case, the issue is not with how Webflow handles hex colors, but rather with how different browsers and devices render these colors. There’s a few known issues between how chrome and safari (and other browsers/devices) render hex colors differently. You can read more on this here.

I hope this helps clarify!

Hi @Grant_Davis just checking to see if you fixed it?

Also, your button hovers are moving a little… I see a bunch of things going on with your buttons. I would think about taking the button interactions of and simply using css styles for these. Too many interactions will negatively affect your page. For simple buttons, it’s best to use css styles.


Thanks @Brando – can you include the link to the “read more” please? I’m seeing that Safari seems to handle the color #00AAEE better than Chrome.

Hi @Grant_Davis

Thanks for pinging me on this—my bad! I added that hyperlink :slight_smile:

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