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Hero Slider not showing/responsive in mobile view

I created the Hero slider and it was not responsive and now it isn’t appearing at all. Not sure what happened and I am stumped. Please help.

  1. How can I make it responsive?
  2. Why is it not showing in mobile versions?

Thank you.

the slider is showing for all devices but the element mid_container is above it, strangely affected by a -191ps top position value… is that your issue ?

if you remove the -191 everything looks fine

Thank you! I didn’t think the position would have moved in the mobile versions so high up that that was the reason it was not appearing. It’s supposed to cover but only by a little bit. What is weird is that in preview mode it now looks perfect, but when I test on my device the same issue appears where the slider is being completely covered by that mid_container. It would be nice if the preview really showed how it would appear in mobile.

So move it for computer, then move it DOWN for devices. Everything you apply concerns also the devices UNDER IT. Not above. So you can totally micro manage the values for the lower devices without messing with the upper.

Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.