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Hero section zoomed with scroll reveal

Hello everyone, I’m Haitham a web designer in Istanbul.

I am having trouble understanding this webpage made in webflow, I came across it today and it is the ideal solution for something I’m trying to achieve, if it can work: Better File Thumbnails for Figma from thePenTool — Design Assets

I’ve made models in Blender with video textures and got really good results but it’s a really long way to render a 3D model with a video texture and display it on the website as a background video, plus you can’t control the time of reveal (scroll) or keep the video looping on screen.

My question specifically, how is this page extending the scroll without content, the hero section, then controlling the position so perfectly, .

The goal is the page loads with a full screen background video running, but then on scroll down it zooms out and you see actually thats the website homepage on an ipad and the video was the background of the website.

Appreciate any help, this is the page I’m working on: