Hero Section Slider With Text Remaining in Place

Hi there,

I am wanting to build a Hero Section image slider where the text information remains in place, while the images slide behind.

I am curious as to what the proper position/layout settings would be in order to pull this off.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Hey @kevinkamis !

-First I would move (Hero Slide Intro) out to just under (Hero Slider)

  • Next I would make (Hero Slider) a vertical flex box with the settings show below (Align - Stretch) (Justify - Center)

  • After that I would do a few changes to (Hero Slide Intro)

  • (Justify - Center)

  • Change left Margin to (Auto)

  • Change position to (Absolute) and (Full)

  • Change z-index to at least (2) (to make it appear on top)

I hope this helps and if you need any more help let me know :slight_smile:



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This is why I love the Webflow community. You could have easily made fun of me for not knowing how to do that but instead you providing amazing instructions.

Much appreciated Sean. I will be sure to pass on the good deed.

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