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Hero Section not Showing on Mac

I am not sure if this is a bug or user stupidity.

The Hero section of the home page on this site[object Object]
works perfectly on PC desktop (I haven’t tweaked for responsiveness yet) but on a Mac you only see half of the image. The Macs et up in question is Mac operating system is OS X Yosemite ( version 10.10.5). It was brought to my attention by a Graphics studio with which I occasionally work, so I really need to get to the bottom of it. They have sent me a screen shot, embarrassingly I have no idea how to share this with you all.

Thank you in advance.


Make sure to watch this video on how to post a correct Public Share Link. :wink:

Hi @Roxzfr, to add an image, just drag and drop it into your post. Looking forward to the read-only link, and also, could you share the published link?

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Thanks @VLADinSACRAMENTO, That is exactly what I did - did it not work?[object Object]

Hi @cyberdave - thanks - so simple.

It seems to be having trouble uploading, I have optimised and compressed it. I can email the image if you think it will help?

Hello, yes it did not work… I had the same problem… we will resolve this momentarily… thank you for your patience. :wink:

Hi @Roxzfr, thanks, sorry about the trouble with the read-only link, I will check on that. In the meantime, could you share the published site link?

No problem - here you go

This is what I see. Can you please tell me what is wrong with it again. Thanks! :grinning:

That’s what you should see, but my Graphics company is only seeing half the hero image on their Mac. Hopefully when the share link works you will be able to see if I have made a design error :smile:

Intresting… I am currently using a Mac Book Pro… :hushed:

Well that is good news. The Graphics people are using a huge desk-top set up - maybe it’s just their set-up, but I would like to be sure.

I have biggest screen Mac Book there is… but they might have iMac 27" which wont compare with my Mac Book Pro. :wink:

Is the hero set to a fixed height by px?

Nope - set to Auto and the image is it’s background.

Does that mean there is padding in the Div in the middle holding up the Hero. If so, try VH padding.

Hi @Roxzfr, I have an imac 5k and I also see the image correctly. I think maybe this might be something in their local setup perhaps.

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Thank you Guys - that is re-assuring, I guess I can’t make every machine in world comply! :wink:

Although @cyberdave, the hero image on your screen is slightly narrower?

It’s not “narrower”. You can see more of the sides instead as he has a wider screen. Try clicking on the thumbnail twice to see the full-sized image.

It varies on mine as well… its just how you have the browser opened up and at what size. Hope this makes sense. :wink: