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Hero Section Not Displaying Correctly

Any idea why my photo in the Hero section is not displaying correctly? I set the height to 100%, but it’s only expanding when I place copy on top of it.

How big do you want your section to be? if you want the section to take all the page, 100% height, you need to give the Body element 100% height too. But as your fist nav section takes up space too, the section will be a bit higher than the page. You could make your top section absolute so it overlaps the hero, which would then exactly fill the pagen whatever the height of the browser window is.

I made a screencast but it takes ages to upload (:

Thank you Vincent. I’ll see if that fixes the problem.

Here is the screencast

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@vincent Has good advice if you want it to be 100% of the screen! If you want it to be an intro hero area, I’d probably use top and bottom padding on the section to create the space. I find that to be an easy method so I don’t actually mess with image just the section.