Hero section left aligned only in IE, no idea why?


Im trying to figure out why the hero component of my webflow site is left aligned in Internet Explorer, but correctly center aligned in both Chrome and Firefox.


Screenshot Link from IE 11


hate to do this, but anyone got a solution to this problem?

Can you export a version so we can actually it in IE ?

The public link only works for Chrome and Safari.

In order to “see the problem”… I would have to see it in Windows - via IE.

EDIT: and something you may want to look at…

at the lower right is a “leave a message” options.

It’s doesn’t appear in the designer. Perhaps the positioning of that feature creates an issue with IE.

Maybe try moving the feature to the left 100px or so… to see if main issue.

Apologies, the website link is as follows;


What version of IE are you using ?

It displays correctly for me…

Tested on:

Win: IE 11.0.9600.17358
Win: Chrome 38.0.2125.111m
Win: Firefox 24.0

Mac: Chrome 38.0.2125.111
Mac: Firefox 33.0.2
Mac: Safari 8.0 (10600.1.25)

i am using version 11.0.9600.17351 on a Win 8.1 machine

That’s strange. We basically have the same version.

Cannot explain why it works on mine - and not yours.

I have another other Windows computers… will try your site on those.

i’ve noticed that this problem exists when i use BrowserStack to do a live screenshot on various version of IE.
U can give this a go too if u like.

Looks like this was solved by making the div relative rather than absolute.

Having the same issue however changing to Relative did not resolve the issue. The second section with the heading “We Drive ROI…” is right justified on all versions of Explorer that I’ve tried but not on other browsers.


Hi @eshotsinc, thanks for your post, sorry for the delay. I took a look in Windows 10 and IE 11 Latest, and this is the result:

Could you take screenshot how the published site looks for you? Also, could you let me know what exact version of windows and IE you are using?

Thanks in advance!