Hero section formatting issues

Hi! I’ve started customizing a template for my portfolio site and I’m encountering this weird formatting on the hero component, that I think is triggered by the sticky section below but I can’t figure out how to fix it!
I can easily bring the main block of content down with padding but it still has that extra space at the bottom, I can’t seem to find any extra padding or margins anywhere.

Here is my site Read-Only

Link to published site

You might have rearranged the existing template so existing interaction needs some update.

That blank space is coming from the section below and because of the interaction applied on Sticky Fullscreen Work. So you should update While scrolling in view interaction applied on it.

Go and edit that animation and for Collection List Wrapper change it to 0 or you can leave it blank. Please check the screenshot below.

One another suggestion I’d like to give is to set height to 100vh on the hero section Half-Padding Grid

@abirana thank you! this did the trick. :pray:

Great, if you issue is solve please mark this post as solved.