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Hero is shifted off center online and I haven't touched the site

I updated a blog page and then noticed all of my pages the hero is shifted off center. I haven’t touched any design elements in weeks if not months. No idea why that would suddenly change.

Quick fix! You have a padding of -2 on the left side of your Hero Section (must have slipped in there by mistake at some point).

In the right side menu, look for the Spacing section…

Then, click on -2:

Then, click reset.

Thanks Seetravers - I thought I checked that. Where exactly did you find that, or was that just an example? I looked at multiple page (all with the error) and I see everything set to zero in the spacing area. Same if I go down one level to the video itself.

It’s also odd that it’s at 50%. Even if i reduce the size, the shift remains at 50% of the VW. Seems like somehwere it’s being told to be at 50% VW, but I haven’t been in on the main pages there in weeks.

Anyone else on this? it’s shifted 50% and I just can’t find the error. What’s more is I haven’t even done any work on these pages on weeks if not months. Is this a glitch of some sort?

Remove center text align from your video element.


Thank you. That was the issue! So odd how that somehow just “happened”. Or maybe something else changed that made it suddenly be relevant.

Thanks again,

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