Hero Image Width Issue


The hero image on this page (Level 3 - Anonymous Feedback) is causing an issue with the width, and I can’t seem to get the image to fit correctly. I’m trying to get the image to fit like the image on this page (Home) so the user can’t scroll to the right and only scroll down.

Here’s the preview page: Webflow - AllVoices

How can we fix the image issue? Is it an issue with the image?

Thank you!

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Hi @Remi_Silva

You can solve the sideways scroll issue by setting L3 Header Section to overflow none.

All the best

Hello! I just tried and I’m still running into the issue. Mind taking a screenshot in preview mode on how you resolved it? Thank you!

As @Smith-Cordell said, you need to set the L3 Header Section to overflow hidden.
Also, set the width to 100%

That works! Thank you so much