Hero image fit in designed shape

Hello guys! I’m a newcomer to web-flow and happy to be here! :smiley:
I’m doing my first own web-flow project and I have a question:

Is it possible in web-flow to create a ’ Nike logo’ type of form (object) and to fit the background image in it? Like you see on the picture, just that the dark red part of this image (because I’m using just an image here) should be replaceable whit any image. And the image bottom would finish in this Nike shaped form.

Sorry if I’m not understandable, English is not my native language and still have to improve it. :smiley:
Thank you for your help and I wish you all a great day! Cheers

Make a SVG image like this

where the darker red is actually alpha transparency.

You’ll use the dark red as BG color of the section, then lay this image over it. You’ll be able to add any picture in between those 2 layers.

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Thank you for your reply! :3 I’ll try to do it and hopefully get back to you whit good news! :smiley:

Thank you very much! It works! :smiley:

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