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Here's what was supposed to be a May 1st reboot... :)

Hey Webflowers,

Here’s my own portfolio, any feedback is welcome !




Hi @Laurent_Hayoz

Great site ! I like your design, and your content seems effective.

It seems that your cube is partially hidden when rotating on mobile :

You might want to check the size of your cube container ?

Also, in the “Webflow” page, “100% custom design” section :

Maybe remove the 40px top margin of your “Column 4” element.

Very nice animations btw, great job man !


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Hi @Blaise_Posmyouck

Thanks for the feedback!

My cube seems to be ok on Chrome mobile.
I have no iOS device to check it on Safari though…
Will look into it, thanks anyway !


Sorry @Laurent_Hayoz,
forgot to mention that I was using iphone - safari browser

@Laurent_Hayoz haha it’s so easy to push the reboot of your own portfolio in place of more pressing client projects… I’m (embarrassingly) a whole year behind on my own portfolio reboot.

Viewing on desktop, chrome browser - Your new portfolio site looks great!!! Fun illustrations, cool loading animation, clean and easy to navigate. Love it!

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Thanks @Chavilah for your nice comment !

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