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Here was my first from scratch Webflow project. Would love some creative direction!

Hey awesome Webflow community. I’ve done a few projects since, and have learned a tremendous amount in the process, but here is my first project done complete from scratch. I’m happy overall, but am always looking for improvements. I’m not a designer or developer by trade, but loved the work people have done on here so much that it inspired me to start! And I can’t thank the forum and staff at Webflow enough for all your help!

I’m posting the live site and the public, so feel free to critique…but give me the right tools to make it better if so!

The parts I’m least satisfied with are the projects page and the individual projects. I’m still learning, but I’d like to keep them more consistent. I’d also like to find better icon repositories (either svg’s or something that can be custom coloured/sized).



Whoa this looks great! Congrats on your first live site.

if the window is not tall enough - the scroll down option is not visible.
It looks like the hamburger options are not filled / populated
nice job though

One thing is multiple H1’s I see why you did this, there should be another way to stack your hero message to keep H1 status.Not an authority. You should have 1 H1 per page for SEO. You can use multiple H2,3,4… This is a great time to do a HTML 5 beginner course. Hopefully someone else can help. Beautiful site!

Hi davidharvey,

I actually went through this same thing (all about syntax) with the second site I did, and craigteel actually pointed out that syntax just isn’t what it was now that we’re in the HTML5 era. Here’s the thread, which links to a good article. Not quite finished, but looking for some feedback!
I have been more careful since, regardless, though, so thanks for pointing it out!

Hi Revolution,

Thanks for the tip - weird, it was working…something to check out!

great site @ag3nt7 !

I have a question about the Google Map you used in your site. Is that a custom script? How did you get the custom pin icon to be your logo? Looks way cool !

Let me know.


Hi Amreet_Gill. It is a custom script. I built the pin in Ai and just reference it in the script. You will also need to edit the header. Cyberdave is the one who helped me through it. I wanted a better way to incorporate one of Snazzymaps custom maps. Here is the original thread to get you started on the background, but the actual script has changed. Using Custom Google Map with Color Styles from Snazzy Maps

If you PM me, I can walk you through the process.


@ag3nt7 Sent you a PM :smile:


The typography in the main banner is all over the place - just screwing up font styles line by line is the opposite of typographic design. I’d recommend using one font size for the headline and one for the subheadline. I find the rest pretty nice and appealing, would think about adding more negative space by raising vertical margins. Nice work!

Hi bennyhagen,

Thanks for the feedback! Would you suggest I go with the thinner of the fonts and keep everything the same size…or the thicker (and same size)…or something else? Appreciate all your input! I’m totally new to this.

Also, can you give a bit more detail on the “negative space” - where do you suggest I include this?