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I have a client who would like a set of two buttons at the bottom of each collection page asking was this helpful? A yes button and a no button as well as a way to track these responses, is this possible?

I’ve seen upvote systems etc. But what I’m looking for it two separate buttons like this:


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You can implement a Form at the bottom of each page.

You can then use Radio Buttons and apply a custom style to them.

Once a person submits either yes or no the form can get triggered and send the feedback to your email or whatever you connect with your form

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Hey Connor, two main challenges here;

  1. Storing the Yes / No scoring, by item
  2. Ideally, allowing only one vote per user, per item, and only a Yes or a No

For #1, I’d recommend you use custom code + an automation webhook like, and AirTable to store the tabulated results. It’s cleaner and easier to manage, solves a lot of CMS-update issues, and makes reporting easy for your client.

If you need #2, that’s a bit harder, you need a user-id and tracking to do a more complete “likes & favorites” type of system.

Jetboost provides a solution you can build on to construct this. Memberstack has a demonstraton of using the Memberstack Membership system + Jetboost to allow for a complete system, but together they add at least $50/pm to your service costs.

You might want to look at 3rd party customer feedback systems as well, you might find something that meets your styling, cost & capability goals, e.g. here.

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Hi Michael, really appreciate you taking the time to provide some solutions for me. Thanks very much I’ll have a look at what you’ve recommended :raised_hands:t4:

Thanks so much Julian, this is awesome. I thought there may be a way to do this with a form but I kept using the submit buttons instead of radio this makes a lot more sense now.

Hi Julian, how can I get the form to submit once a radio button is selected? Ideally without a submit button

Hi, I guess the auto submit function is not possible in webflow.

What you can do instead is that you place 2 forms next to each other. Give one Form the ID Yes and the other one the ID No.

Instead of Radio Buttons you just style the form submit buttons.

Based on the user input you’ll get a form submission from the Yes or No Form.

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Awesome, thanks for this!