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Help wrapping my head around a webinars site (CMS)

For some reason I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how I’d pull this off. Hopefully someone will read this and say, “hey dummy, just do this…” and we’ll all get a nice big laugh and move on.

I want to create a site to hold all of our webinars.

Ideally, when I create a new webinar in the webflow CMS, it will automatically create the following 3 pages for that webinar:

  1. Webinar Registration Page
  2. Live Webinar Page (where I’ll have a Google Live Hangout and a Chatroll embedded)
  3. Webinar Replay page

I’d like for these to automatically be generated for each webinar without me having to create each page individually for each webinar. And I want to be able to have separate replay pages that people can access anytime for past webinars. What am I missing? How would I pull this off?

Virtual case of beer to the first person who can help me out with this.

I guess no one’s up for a virtual case of beer. Or this is impossible. Or both.

How about a long-distance high five??

Hi, @Chris_Scott

Before start to figuring it out I have a few question:

  1. Webinar registration - what it should be exactly? Form?
  2. Do you have a code snippet for embed Google hangout?


Hey Sabanna,
The registration will be a form that just adds them to my email marketing list. I will have a code snippet for the Google hangout, as well.

I’m really just having trouble trying to figure out how to create three separate pages dynamically, from one collection (a “Webinars” collection). I’d like to be able to just create the webinar one time and all three of those pages be generated based on the info pulled from that Webinars collection. As far as I can tell, I’d have to have a different collection for each of these pages, so that I could have a custom and dynamically generated page for each.

I’m hoping I’m wrong and I’m just missing something glaringly obvious…

No, you are not wrong… For having dynamic pages you will have to have separate collections :confused:

So I’d basically have to create three separate database entries for each webinar, yes? One for the registration page, one for the live page and one for the replay?

I suppose I could just have a page that only shows the info for the next webinar by just setting up the page with a Dynamic List (but only showing one, the next one coming up, by date). Just doesn’t solve the problem for each webinar having its own standalone replay page.

I wonder if I could be clever about this and use the webinars collection template for all three elements (put registration, live video/chat, and replay all on the same collection template page), then show and hide sections based on date and time. That way, I’d be able to have it all pulling from just one collection, and only one URL for people to have to go to for each one. And I could have multiple webinars all running at the same time, without having to worry about people only seeing the next one coming up…

… off to tinker.

You will have as many templates as many collections you have.